Hello, I am Mr. Kit!

Dear friends! Let me present You the Саt Вох –
the wonderful eco-toilet for cats!


It is completely ready for use,
You just have to open it along the perforation line,
that one with my picture.


The Саt Вох eco-toilet can be utilized for up to 3 weeks
and for all this time there will be no, can You tie that – ABSOLUTELY NO SMELL and NO NEED TO CHANGE THE FILLER!

Your masters will be delighted!


Cat Box: with love to the pets, with care for their owners.


The Cat Box is the Ukrainian company manufacturing the unique disposable eco-toilets for cats, intended for the long-term use. The Cat Box eco-toilet is made, using the unique technology.

The know-how, based on combination of the natural materials with fillers, solves the problem of the smell (on blocking completely the smell of ammonia in the room for the entire period of its use) and allows to use this toilet for up to 3 weeks!

And now I will tell You…

How Саt Вох works

The Саt Вох eco-toilet has two protection stages.
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The first – the interlayers of the fir and pine wood shavings, which absorb the moisture coming from the litter tray.

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The first – the crucial component of Ukrainian origin, which is exclusively natural. It is the very special mineral, which absorbs the bad odor, preventing its spreading.

This is why, my friends,
I use myself and advise You to use the Саt Вох!

The Benefits of the Саt Вох:


The bad odor is blocked for up to 3 weeks


The upper filler
is always dry


The space around the box is always pure and clean


There is no need to change the fillers and to clean the box

Pet owners’ testimonials

reviewer Alice and Murzyk

I love madly my little cat, but this eternal smell in the apartment, coming from the litter box has just chapped me. Whatever I made to fight it, whichever air refreshers I used, no matter how often I changed the litter tray filler – the horrible smell was ineradicable. I was ashamed of inviting the guests in my house. Finally, I decided to try the new Cat Box and at last I got over this stench! Yes, I have to remove the excrements, but there is no smell! And I'm happy!

reviewer Ihor and Bro

Before, it was very tiresome for me to clean the litter tray 3 times a day, because if you don’t wash it immediately, then the stink will be awful! I tried the various fillers for the litter tray, including the silica gel and the wood shavings. It all was the money thrown away! Once, I decided to experiment again with litter tray and bought a Cat Box. This purchase did not disappoint me! It paids off in spades the money spent, if you would take into account that the price of that very silica gel. Besides, now I have much less problems with cleaning, than before.

reviewer Natalia and Marquise

I saw the advertisement with this box and ordered it straight off the reel! It is convenient, looks nice and natty, and it indeed blocks the smell! Before, when I went to the toilet room after Marquise, there was a piece of the “aroma” there! Now everything is clean, there’s only the fragrance of the freshener, and I scarcely touch the litter tray!

reviewer Kostia and Blacky

Thank You very much for having sent the ordered box so quickly. The Cat Box has proven its effectiveness at once, in the very first day! We put it on the place where the old litter tray stood and went to the work. As we returned home in the evening, we did not feel any smell in the apartment. So, our family is very satisfied!

And now I'll tell you

How to use the Cat Box

picture Step 1

Tear off the lid along the perforation line

picture Step 2

Now distribute equally the fillers, on shaking the box

picture Step 3

In 3 weeks replace the old Сat Box with new one

…That’s it! :)

Do You still have any questions?

The Cat in charge is ready to help You!


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Cat Box – the perfect gift
for the cats
with distinguished manners